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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you start Hostus?

Thanks for asking! Simply put, we believe that running a restaurant shouldn’t be hard work and we decided to pay attention to the problems that others seem to ignore.

It’s been 3 years since we started working on Hostus, and you’ll see from every vantage point how much attention was given to each and every piece. We look forward to innovating the space more and creating an integrated solution that people love.


Why isn’t Hostus on the app store?

The short answer is we’re making so many changes so quickly that we need to be able to have a direct line to the restaurants that use Hostus as well as the ability to push updates immediately. The app store has a review process which can last weeks. It allows us to make changes, test, and retest the app so we can provide you with the best software available.

If Hostus isn’t on the app store, how can I try the FREE demo?

The first step is to sign up. Once you’ve signed up you’ll see instructions on how to register your iPad with TestFlight so we can send you Hostus. It’s a simple process and we’d be happy to guide you through it.


Whats included in the price?

You can see more information on our pricing via our tour page. Each tier has their own benefits and specifically for different types of restaurants. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How much is 1,000 messages exactly?

Only our busiest restaurants go past 1,000 messages. Restaurants that do go over, on average only go over by $5-$10. As we introduce more ways to communicate with your guests via SMS, it may be beneficial to bump up to the next tier.

We will let you know when you approach your cap.


How do we get our floor plan on the app?

Easy! We do it for you! Once you sign up, and decide you’d like to give Hostus a proper shake down, we’ll create your floor plan background using images you provide so you have an accurate, easily recognizable floor plan.

How do we set up our reservation rules?

Our website has a reservation settings area which allows you to create rules that the app & reservation widget have to follow. You can do this yourself, or have us walk you through it.

How do I get the reservation widget on our website?

Easy, we provide you with a single line of code that you can put on your website, any way you like, all without leaving your website... unlike those other guys(OpenTable, SeatMe, RezBook, Dimmi..)

Your button will use code like

<a href='#'' id='make-reservation'>

This just needs to be in the webpage at the bottom with all your other script tags.

<script src='http://hostusapp.com/online-reservations/bootstrap.js' data-restaurant-id='your-restaurant-id-here' id='hostus-reserve'></script>

We have a customer database, can we import it into Hostus?

Yes you can. Simply let us know and we’ll import it for you.

Does Hostus run on any other tablets?

No, this is an iPad exclusive. However, Hostus does require iOS 6 and newer.

Do we need any special equipment?

Other than an iPad and an internet connection? Nope! However... Hostus does rely on being connected with the internet & telephone signals to deliver notifications. To get the most out of Hostus, a secure, password protected internet connection is best. If your cell service isn’t great in your restaurant, consider picking up a cell signal booster.

Can we export the customer info acquired via Hostus for marketing?

Yes, however, at the moment we do not support any direct integrations with marketing systems. If you’d like us to export customer info(names, phone numbers, emails, etc) then we can do so for you.

We have a lot of plans for the future, including the ability to send SMS marketing from Hostus on both a event and automated basis.


Will Hostus charge per reservation?

NEVER! We're not in the business of renting you your own customers. We'll NEVER charge you for reservations... Never.

Can we take reservations for large parties?

Yes, with hostus it’s easy to make a reservation for a large party, even online. You set up the rules that you’d like it to follow.

SeatMe requires us to preseat all reservations, does hostus?

NO! We’ve made a reservation system which allows you to make a reservation without needing to preseat it. If there is a slot available, you can make a reservation.

What happens when we get busy and go on a 2 hour wait? With OpenTable we’ve had people make reservations and cut the line.

First, we don’t give priority to anyone who's coming in for the first time(like OpenTable). Second, within a few seconds you can stop online reservations from coming in so this never happens again.

Can I make reservations from my computer for the restaurant?

Yes, log in and click ‘new reservation’ to add a reservation from anywhere, any time, from any device.


We don't take reservations, is Hostus for us?

Hostus was designed for faced pace, high volume restaurants that can leverage an organized, simple, and effective solution to increase revenue and guest satisfaction. Simply put... there is no faster, more effective way of running your FOH.

 However, it’s not for every restaurant... Hostus isn’t right for your restaurant IF:

  • You don’t have a host
  • You're scared of new technology

Can we use multiple iPads?

Yes, Hostus synchronizes between our servers & other iPads automatically as long as you have internet connection. Let us know how many you’d like to have and we’ll get them up and running for you.

What benefit can we get from having multiple iPads running Hostus?

Well... you can have one host entering people into the list, another managing the flow of guests to their tables and notifying that their table is ready, and lastly, you can have iPads in the BOH for your servers and bussers to update the hosts without interrupting them. Brilliant!


What countries does Hostus Support?

Currently, we only support the United States & Canada(English only), however, with slight modifications we can support the following countries with support for SMS & Phone call alerts. This is the order we’ll be supporting these countries.

Additional countries may be supported with translations for those respective regions. Each country will be on a waiting list until we have, at minimum 20 restaurant locations with deposits. Interested? Let us know. (Note: They are not in any particular order)

The following countries have support for phone calls but not SMS reminders. These are likely to be followed by SMS support in the near future.

Full SMS & Phone Call Support SMS & Phone Call Support WITH translation Phone call only
United Kingdom
South Africa
Hong Kong
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
The Netherlands

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